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With over 30 years of heavy industrial, municipal, and residential concrete basement waterproofing experience, G&G Concrete Waterproofing has the experience you need when faced with water problems, big or small. We succeed because we know what a permanent water leak repair requires in our climate. Whether it be a Dam, CSO tank, Treatment Plant, Bridge, Subway, Foundation, or Manhole, G&G has your water sealing solutions…

Services Provided

  • Manhole Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Foundation Crack & Leak Repair
  • Waterproofing Coatings (protective & specialty)
  • Concrete Repair & Restoration
  • Caulking & Sealants
  • Dampproofing
  • Drain Tile Systems
  • Expansion Joints (fillers & seals)
  • Floor Treatments (coatings & preservatives)
  • Pressure Grouting (Urethane Injections)

Concrete is not a ductile material, it doesn't stretch or bend without breaking. That's both its greatest strength and greatest weakness. Its hardness and high compressive strength is why we use so much of it in construction. But concrete does move, it shrinks, it expands, and different parts of a concrete structure move in different ways. As it moves, if it is tied to another structure or even to itself, you get what's called restraint, which causes tensile forces and invariably leads to cracking.

Using the finest cold-weather tolerant chemicals, G&G can seal these cracks, stop active water leaks fast, and guarantee they won't come back. With the exclusive G&G Waterproofing Process, we seal cracks and leaks permanently, the first time. Our sealant is both durable and flexible, able to withstand the shifting, twisting, bending, and stretching which affect your installation. The sealant becomes a part of the original concrete, forming a waterproof barrier that stretches and molds with the shifting crack over time. Not only does it keeping your leaks sealed for years and years to come it gives you confidence knowing that your foundation is fully protected.

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Concrete Repair Services
Concrete Repair Services
Concrete Repair Services