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About Us

A hometown Commercial Waterproofing Company serving Maine and New England, and solving foundation repair and basement waterproofing problems since 1986. G&G is an organization which maintains a standard of excellence and since every project is unique we make it a priority to keep you informed of every detailed specification on your project. Not only do we provide you top of the line experience, we use only the best proven effective materials in the basement waterproofing industry. Foundation repair cost saving’s are only the beginning, resting assured your problem is fixed right the first time is priceless. G&G is so confident we can solve your wet basement problems we not only do we put our reputation behind it we put our word on it.

Services Provided

  • Manhole Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Foundation Crack Repair, Leak Repair
  • Waterproofing Coatings (protective & specialty)
  • Concrete Sealer Repair & Restoration
  • Concrete Caulking & Sealants
  • Dampproofing
  • Drain Tile Systems
  • Expansion Joints (fillers & seals) Floor Treatments (coatings & preservatives)
  • Pressure Grouting (Urethane Injections)

G&G Concrete Waterproofing Inc.
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Sewer Treatment Plant Rep...
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