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Do you have water in your basement?

You’re not alone…

The most common source of foundation problems is water. Wet soil beneath a foundation can swell or lose strength. And that's only the first reason to keep your foundation dry. Then there's the little problem of wet basements and crawl spaces that can breed mold and make below-ground interior spaces generally unpleasant.

The problem is that typical concrete is not waterproof. Although uncracked (and what concrete is uncracked?) it will typically keep out liquid water, water vapor can still penetrate quite easily. Keeping water drained away from concrete foundations and preventing it from moving through the concrete are essential to a successful structure.

At G&G not only will we give you a free estimate to figure out what is causing your wet basement, but 50 percent of the time it is generally a simple fix. There are several reasons a basement floods when the water tables around your foundation rise. Either you have a crack in foundation (which should require immediate attention) or your current basement drainage system is inadequate and/or blocked. The most common reason is a clogged drain tile system, which is the result of years and years of build up. Often a quick flush of your current system is the simple fix to your problems.

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