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Are you spending thousands of dollars each year treating clean water?

Would you spend $4,500.00 now to save $250,000.00 later?

Stop wasting valuable budget dollars and secure your underground structures from deteriorating infiltration? Solve both issues (structural and infiltration) and rest assured that with the G&G guarantee, our proven system will fix your problems for decades to come.

Check the Numbers:


  • If you have 4 manholes each leaking an average of 6 gallons per min. *(base 3 gal/per min., seam 2.5 gal/per min., and riser .5 gal/per min.)
  • Infiltration of that water into your pump stations equals over 12.6 million gal/year
  • Using an estimate of $2.00 per thousand gallons to pump and treat that water, you are spending $69.11 per/day. (that’s over $25,000 annually)
  • Not only is this infiltration adding damage to your budget, it is also accelerating the deterioration process of your structure inviting more damage for the future.
  • At an average of $1125 per manhole* we can seal these problem areas and protect your structure “guaranteed”.
  • In under a quarter of the year you will have recouped your initial investment of $4,500, and by the end of the year you would have saved over $25,000 in costs.
  • Not only will you cut down your treatment cost, but you will have satisfaction knowing that your investment repaired the destruction of your structure and that over our 10 year guarantee period you will have saved over $252,000.00.

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