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Attempts to patch these cracks
by 3 other companies turned this
wall into swiss cheese!
We'll do it right the first time!
And we'll guarantee it!


Inform us of your problem today and receive a cost effective solution tomorrow...


As Maine’s first certified provider of this service we are fully confident we can eliminate your water leakage problems.

Here at G&G we specialize in concrete sealing, foundation repair and basement waterproofing, but we hold great pride in providing permanent waterproofing solutions for more than 30 years. We succeed because we know what permanent water leak repair requires in our climate. Even tough problems where others have tried and failed are no match for our top of the line products and experience.  We can solve your wet basement problems with the finest quality chemical sealants guaranteed and often for thousands less than other major foundation contractors.

All Chemicals used by G&G are NFS 61 certified for potable water storage & cure within one day.

We solve your basement repair problems with the finest quality chemical sealants applied under the supervision of Maine's first certified provider of this service.

A hometown Commercial Waterproofing Company serving New England, and solving foundation repair and wet basement problems since 1986. G&G is an organization which maintains a standard of excellence and since every project is unique we make it a priority to keep you informed of every detailed specification on your project. Not only do we provide you top of the line experience, we use only the best proven effective materials in the waterproofing industry. Saving’s are only the beginning, resting assured your problem is fixed right the first time is priceless. G&G is so confident we can solve your wet basement problems we not only do we put our reputation behind it we put our word on it.

For more information about your specific situation & references, call Gary directly at 207-314-1607, or e-mail us at .

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